Installer Technician

Installer Technician

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Position Description
Installer Technician
Roanoke Electric Co-operative
December 5 2017


Position Scope.  Roanoke Electric Cooperative is building an advanced hybrid communications system in northeastern North Carolina to support the implementation of a Smart Grid demand management system.  Utilizing both fiber optic and wireless communications, this network enables new cost savings opportunities for REC member-owners, while opening new communications horizons for the area.


Roanoke is seeking to hire a Wireless Installation Technician to join its team.


This role will consist of two main objectives:

        Providing excellent installation service availability and performance

        Maintaining communication networks for REC subscribers and technical support services on core equipment as assigned.


The Installer Technician is responsible for installing and maintaining subscriber side equipment, ensuring that networks are operating correctly, and identifying where issues may require changes or upgrades for optimal network performance.


Position Responsibility.  This position will report to the Manager of Information Technology, who will oversee technical operations for the current and future phases of this project. The Installer Technician is required to ensure the duties outlined below are fulfilled in a timely, co-operative, and professional manner.


The Installer Technician will also receive additional training in an OJT environment, as well as formal training by consultants and certain online and classroom training.


Duties and responsibilities.  The primary responsibilities of the Installer Technician are directed to the successful implementation and provisioning of internet access delivered via REC’s hybrid fiber/wireless network from a last mile Access Point to a subscribers premises.

         Install network components at subscriber sites including point to point and point to multi-point communications equipment.

o   Installations may include mounting a mast or mounting attachment to a subscriber’s home.

o   Installations will include mounting an integrated radio, or a connectorized radio with separate antenna to the mast and securing professionally.

o   Installations will include grounding all installed equipment as direct, and extended wiring and cabling from within the premises to the installed equipment

o   Installations will include plug in electrical connections in the premises

o   Installations will include implementing a wireless router, interfacing the router to the communications equipment, and testing the router for internet access.

o   Post installation

o   Work with the customer service team to set up user accounts and passwords.  

o   Complete appropriate agreements including the Site Survey as well as any waivers.

o   Utilize the appropriate systems in order to review and validate data.

o   Ensure Client connections are operating correctly.

o   Advises customers on technical matters and recommends appropriate service offerings and/or configurations.

o   Troubleshoot client issues if assigned. Follow up with customers to ensure issue has been resolved.

         Other Duties as Assigned

o   Troubleshoot and restore systems after crashes.

o   Undertake routine preventative measures and implement, maintain and monitor network security.

o   Document network problems.

o   Support network and computing infrastructure.

o   Install and maintain network services, equipment, and various devices.

         Other Responsibilities

o   Maintain inventory of service vehicle and notify of supplies that are running low and need replenishing

o   Maintain customer information and equipment documentation utilizing assigned systems

o   Follow provided service schedule

o   Communicate with supervisors throughout the day in order to provide status updates.

o   Provide reliable transportation or utilize company supplied vehicle in a safe and professional manner.


Qualifications.  The following list provides a summary of preferred qualifications for individuals who are in the role of Installer Technician.

         Must have minimum 2 years of experience in an installer technician role or a combination of experience and postsecondary education in the IT or telecommunications sectors.

         Excellent time management, multi-tasking skills and self-motivation

         Experience or education in the use of network monitoring tools and protocols

         Understanding appropriate use of hand tools including drills, certain saws, screw and bit drivers, hammers, rules & tapes, and other similar tools

         Understanding appropriate use of connectors, fasteners and other materials.

         Willingness to learn and develop new skills

         ‘Can do’ attitude; flexible and adaptable approach to problem solving

         Proven skills in strong and clear communication (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills

         Ability to assess situations, prioritize, respond, and escalate accordingly

         Must have Valid Class C driver’s license

         Must be bondable with no criminal convictions


Physical Characteristics.  This position may require the following:

         The use of a ladder in order to install certain equipment.  The height to install equipment is not expected to exceed 30 feet.

         Walking, bending, kneeling and at times, completing tasks while in a prone position.

         Carrying items which may weight up to 50 pounds

         Carrying hand, power and other tools to and from a work site to a vehicle

         The ability to drive


Working at Roanoke Electric.  Roanoke Electric Cooperative is focused on the success of its employees.  Benefits include the availability of Medical, Dental and Life insurance.  The company offers paid holidays and vacations, tuition reimbursement for selected courses, and a variety of programs to enhance professional growth and personal fulfillment.  REC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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